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A Word From The Founder

How To Use EPIC MD

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Why Doctors Love EPIC MD

  • $0 cost to doctor
  • Seamless/Immediate integration into existing EHR platform
  • Immediate income ($50 each 5-9 minute virtual office visit)
  • Residual income ($9.99 each month for patients that joins EpicMd)
  • Residual income example (1200 patients join = $11,988 per month every month)
  • EpicMd sends trained consultants to insure smooth implementation 
  • EpicMd offers the service to my patients (I don’t have to market)
  • Practice growth> Random virtual office visits that convert to in office patients 
  • Practice Security> Existing patients not transferring to another physician because I don’t offer EpicMd service
  • Most patients will see the value and join EpicMd ($49 per month for 24/7 access to any EpicMd physician of THEIR choice including chiropractic and veterinary and includes their family at no additional charge)
  • HIPPA compliant​

Why Our Clients Love EPIC

The public is looking for three things in Telehealth care: Convenience, Value and Price.   

EpicMd provides the best product by far.

• PATIENTS choose their doctors
• PATIENTS doctors available 24/7
• Connect with your CHOSEN doctors from anywhere (vacation,travel, etc.)
• Connect with your doctor by phone, tablet or home computer
• Family practice, orthopedists, neurologists, veterinarians, psychiatrists and the list goes on
• Board Certified Physicians
• Doctors able to prescribe medications
• Prescriptions sent to patients chosen pharmacy
• Average wait time 7-14 minutes
• Virtual office visit average time 5-14 minutes
• No lost time from work
• No sitting in waiting room
• No travel time to and from doctor
• No Co-Pays & No Deductibles
• $49 per month (includes whole family)

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